About the Company

Jasper Solutions, LLC, is a San Francisco, CA-based cannabis consulting firm and technology company providing sustainable turnkey solutions to the cannabis industry. Jasper’s core expertise includes permit and property acquisition, construction oversight, talent sourcing, custom proprietary software, and full-stack employee training. The firm focuses on maximizing efficiency of hardware, facilities, security, and supply-chains through tested Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) within the cannabis industry.

Mission Statement

Don’t stress over submitting your permit and license applications. Jasper’s turnkey cannabis solutions give you peace of mind and allow you to stop playing games with acquiring your cultivation license. Begin designing your brand, planning business models, and developing operational roadmaps with Jasper’s brilliant team of the world’s most passionate and talented cultivation consultants. The firm takes pride in developing one-on-one relationships with their clients as they provide them with the tools necessary to succeed while emphasizing on researching and developing cutting-edge techniques in every facet of the cannabis industry.

Jasper’s technology team and world-class designers that can turn any facility into a masterpiece. The firm provides your business with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), log sheets for required record keeping and documentation, security system schematics, and employee training materials. The technology department customizes all your systems specifically for your business, the state in which it operates, and any other regulatory compliance parameters necessary.

What We Provide

  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Log Sheets & Management Software
  • Security Plan
  • Employee Handbook

Need More Information?

Send us a message and one of our managing partners will reach out to you.